Welcome to Hill Country, Texas where the women know what they want in a man and aren’t afraid to go after it.

Texas Hill Country is a gorgeous location, from the creative, vibrant cities like Austin to the rolling hills carpeted in grape vines, bluebells and lavender in the countryside. Not to mention the breath-taking ruggedness of its state parks.

After being a part of the oil industry for years, and having visited Texas and spending a whole lot of time with Texans, we are so excited to be writing a series in such a romantic location.

Talkin’ The Talk is the first book in the series with two more books, I Want Candy and Doin’ Darcy coming in 2019.

Talkin’ The Talk

A Scottish millionaire hiding a dark past. A chatty Texan looking for love. Sparks fly when southern hospitality goes awry. Read More…