Welcome to the Scottish Highlands where everyone has a secret to hide…

The Scottish Secrets series is set in the awe-inspiring Scottish Highlands where purple heather meets yellow gorse and Highland hairy coos. And let’s not forget the whisky!

We had the pleasure of living in the Scottish countryside of three years (not far from Balmoral Castle) and had a delightful time exploring the area, steeping ourselves in Scottish history and getting snowed on!

Mackle, the town the Scottish Secrets Series is set around, is based on the lovely villages we miss so much and the castle-house Sunny owns in Captured, is based on a very real place.

Captured is the first of the series, and the next book Exposed will be coming out in 2019/20. We hope you enjoy them as much as we loved writing and researching them!


A scarred war journalist seeking absolution. The survivor of Scotland’s most notorious serial killer, desperate to keep her identity a secret. Will they find love, or will they be each other’s destruction? Read More…