Save Me From Heroes

Sunny Marlow needs a lover, not a savior…

Sunny Marlow loves her life. After surviving a traumatic and highly publicized kidnapping as a teen, she’s embraced a new name and career as a florist in a tiny Scottish Highland village, where her only worries are that her sex-toy-selling foster sister will try to run another “Get a Free Vibrator with Every Bouquet” special, and that her childhood friend Jackson will keep blaming himself for what happened to her all those years ago.

However, all that’s threatened when battle-scarred war journalist Seth Legion arrives in town claiming to be working on a piece starring her irrepressible foster brother. Sunny knows that getting involved with a journalist threatens her safe world—not to mention stirring up her adoptive family’s protective streak—but she can’t help but feel the attraction, sensing Seth’s past holds secrets as deep as hers.

What Sunny doesn’t know is that Seth has come to Scotland for her, having seen the chance to make up for a friend’s lapse in judgement regarding Sunny’s case all those years ago. However, Seth never counted on the chemistry between them—or the fact that his presence in the Highlands could be putting her life in jeopardy . . .

The Music That Inspired The Book
Check out the Spotify playlist we listened to while researching, brainstorming, writing and editing Save Me From Heroes. This isn’t a soundtrack to the story, it’s more a playlist of all the songs that inspired us. However, we’ll leave it to you to work out which songs are behind the scenes you like!
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