Conversation With The Kraken: My Fluffy Pants Are NOT dodgy!

By Evie Snow|December 6, 2017

George: (Has just received the most comfortablest, fluffiest pair of house pants ever known to humanity in the mail. Promptly whacks on said article and marvels at how she now has a bottom half softer than unicorn feathers.) The Kraken (Walking by): There will be no yiffing in this house. George: (Still marvelling at fluffy majesty) Yiffing? What’s yiffing? The Kraken: Furry sex. George: (Pants forgotten due to epic shock)

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Conversation with The Kraken: How Do You Want Your Eggs?

By Evie Snow|December 3, 2017

A brief glimpse into the the way the cogs turn in the household of a married writing team where harmony and plentiful ideas abound… (ehem) Scene: George has been up since 6am because she had a genius IDEA that she promptly forgot once distracted by dead thing surly cat has made dead. It’s 10am. The Kraken has just emerged.  Kraken: BLARGH. (Yawns, scratches, snorts) George: Good Morning! Do you want

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