Mind Games

Sexy is a state of mind…

Personal trainer, Jared Nairn needs a good night’s rest. His war veteran past and a rocky divorce have left their mark and he hopes that a session with hypnosis expert, Mai Tran will cure his insomnia. With luck he won’t end up clucking like a chicken in the process.

To Jared’s surprise, his sleep problem is soon cured, but he’s left wondering if it’s the hypnosis or his newfound feelings for Mai that are behind his miraculous recovery.

Mai knows she definitely shouldn’t be feeling so attracted to a former client. And she most certainly can’t follow her best friend’s advice and jump into bed with him. Someone in town is spreading false rumors about nefarious activity during her hypnosis sessions and she can’t risk a scandal.

But after a meditation track mix-up with sexy results, Jared’s telling Mai he’d like to try a few things with hypnosis that aren’t in the rule book, and Mai is increasingly inclined to oblige…

The Music That Inspired The Book
Check out the Spotify playlist we listened to while researching, brainstorming, writing and editing Mind Games. This isn’t a soundtrack to the story, it’s more a playlist of all the songs that inspired us. However, we’ll leave it to you to work out which songs are behind the scenes you like!
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