Ian Buchanan’s Very Big Secret

Ian Buchanan has a very big secret…

A powerful London newspaper editor, Ian Buchanan has made an art out of demolishing adversaries in scathing columns read over tea and toast. But when he’s unjustly fired, he can’t defend himself without revealing a childhood secret that would destroy his reputation and make him a tabloid favorite.

Seeking solitude to plan his defense strategy, Ian travels to Hopeville, Texas. This strategy definitely doesn’t include his cabin’s bubbly, barefoot hostess, Sophie Grey, whose Jessica Rabbit dress, welcoming smile, and penchant for literally falling into his arms make for an all-too-tempting distraction.

The proud new owner of a string of vacation cabins, Sophie Grey can’t believe she’s embarrassed herself by stumbling into the arms of her newest guest: a brooding British man of mystery whose sexiness is leaving her wobbly in the leg department. Suddenly, she’s planning all the ways they can be together, vertically, horizonal . . . and maybe diagonally, if that’s even a thing.

But now that Sophie’s walking on the wild side with Ian, her inner accountant is spotting a bunch of contradictions that don’t add up. Ian’s cut-glass English accent doesn’t quite go with his bareknuckle boxer’s physique and his frequent urgent trips back to the UK are giving her pause for thought.

As secrets are piling up, Sophie starts to wonder if the handsome Brit is perhaps a man of too much mystery. And with both Sophie and his future in the balance, will Ian finally reveal all?

The Music That Inspired The Book
Check out the Spotify playlist we listened to while researching, brainstorming, writing and editing Ian Buchanan’s Very Big Secret. This isn’t a soundtrack to the story, it’s more a playlist of all the songs that inspired us. However, we’ll leave it to you to work out which songs are behind the scenes you like!
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