A writing team doesn’t function without conversations… and the odd pillow being thrown… and the complaints department (Franky The Proximity Cat) emerging from under the coffee table every now and then to inspect the quality of the work being done. Feel free to laugh at our ridiculousness. We certainly do!


Conversation with The Kraken: Who Wants An Aston Martin When They Can Have Mass Drivers?

Scene: It’s Sunday arvo, George and The Kraken have just eaten all the scones in a picturesque little farm shop and are tootling home. The topic of conversation is what would each of us do if we had 20billion dollars to do anything with. George: (Spotting a silver Aston Martin DB11 zooming ahead on windy picturesque Scottish mountain road.) Is seeing that car in this setting doing anything yummy to

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Conversation with The Kraken: The chai peppercorn half-strength soy decaf late of GREATNESS!

Scene: It’s first thing in the morning and The Kraken is nesting in an armchair in George’s study, reading a book while snorting, snuffling and scratching. George had just come downstairs ready to go out.The Kraken: (Looking up from his book.) You’re pretty today.George: Aww. Thanks.The Kraken: That’s a very… sensible skirt…Very… practical.George: Is that meant to be a compliment? The Kraken: (Now pulling an impersonation of Rodin’s The Thinker) Yeah.

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Conversation With The Kraken: The “Church Dress” of DOOM

Scene: A cranky DHL dude drops package in random place near doorstep after ringing bell four times and then not waiting for anyone to come to the door. The Kraken Collects. The Kraken: (Having been woken from his slumber by the doorbell.) BLARG George: (Coming downstairs) What is it?” The Kraken: (Inspecting package like it could hold high explosives) Clothes. For you. George: Ohh great. (Rips parcel open. Black dress

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Conversation with The Kraken: My Tentacles Are Melting!

Scene: George is on her second cup of tea of the morning and is on a roll swearing at all the typos she’s written in her draft the night before. It’s six in the morning, dark outside, the proximity cat is laying at her feet pretending to be fluffy. The Kraken: (From her study door) BLARGH George: You’re up! Why are you up right now? It’s too early. The Kraken:

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Conversation With The Kraken: The Proximity Cat’s Affections Aren’t Negotiable.

Scene: The Kraken’s lair (His and George’s bedroom). It’s late and Franky The Proximity Cat is snoozing on the bed. The Kraken: It’s fluffy! Franky: Wakes up, makes a low meow-grr noise. The Kraken: Curls on the bed AROUND the cat. “Sooo fluffy.” Franky: The Kraken: (Pats Proximity Cat on the head) Franky: The Kraken: Tries to pat the Proximity Cat’s tummy. Franky: George: (On The Kraken entering the kitchen

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Conversation With The Kraken: My Fluffy Pants Are NOT dodgy!

George: (Has just received the most comfortablest, fluffiest pair of house pants ever known to humanity in the mail. Promptly whacks on said article and marvels at how she now has a bottom half softer than unicorn feathers.) The Kraken (Walking by): There will be no yiffing in this house. George: (Still marvelling at fluffy majesty) Yiffing? What’s yiffing? The Kraken: Furry sex. George: (Pants forgotten due to epic shock)

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