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We’re so happy to be telling you that our latest novel, Captured has been unleashed on the public. It’s the first in our Scottish Secrets series and is a little bit marvelous if we do say so ourselves. To get your copy, just click on the book cover graphic or on the buy links below!

The inspiration for Captured came from a few different sources, that in hindsight were pretty amazing. Firstly, we came up with the initial idea when we were packing up house in Borneo to move to Scotland 4 years ago. (We lived in Brunei Darussalam for 5 years.) There was a headline in the paper about the awful things going on in Syria and it left us thinking about the friends we’d made in the Middle East when we lived there and how they must be affected by the conflict. Then coincidentally, we ran into an amazing policeman in England who just happened to be an ex-war journalist! He had so many great stories to share and we decided we had to pop them in a book. Finally, having moved to Scotland, we ran into a number of fabulous people who inspired characters in both this book and the others to come! So, as with all our novels, the inspiration came from so many different sources that all lined up perfectly.

And if you’re curious about what Sunny’s house would look like. It was inspired by the many wonderful and varied castle gatehouses in the little part of the Cairngorms where we lived. Here’s a particularly interesting example from a little further south in Dumfries and Galloway!

It was a very big few weeks leading up to the release of Captured. George got back from a trip to Singapore and Penang where she got to see our godchildren. The youngest is only 4 months old, so there was a lot of baby snuggling! The oldest was 3, and there was a LOT of Star Wars discussion. George now matches Tony in her knowledge of all the Sith Lords’ names and will be testing him later!

And the day before the launch we popped by off to a winery to “research” for the third novel in the Texas Hill Country series which will be called Doin’ Darcy. Here’s a picture of Tony *cough* researching.¬†

So after all that, we’re planning on having a bit of a cup of tea and a lie down while you hopefully enjoy reading¬†Captured!

Sending you a huge smile and the hugest of thanks for being along with us on the rollercoaster ride we call our writing life!