We had so many great entrants for the giveaway of the five print copies of Talkin’ The Talk that we ran for our newsletter subscribers this week. (Entrants had to send pictures and/or stories about their pets to us to enter.) We were going to pick our favourites, but they were all so great, we ended up having to pick the winners out of a hat! So without further ado, here are the winners for your amusement: 

From Emma: Who made us laugh our heads off when she submitted pictures and stories about all of her pets to increase her chances of winning. We immediately fell in love with Peach the rabbit and Emma’s Story about him.

Peach has a rabbit ASBO from Sky tv after attacking an engineer who came in our garden without warning to move next doors sky dish. He tried to grab her by her ears, she bit him, escaped, and bit his ankle. I don’t blame her. If I’d been a little faster on my feet I might have done the same. Anyway we have a dangerous rabbit warning on our account now. She’s never bitten any of us.”

We also loved the detail about her guinea pigs following Peach around the garden like a little furry train. 


Peach The Attack Rabbit

From Tammy: Because huskys are awesome!

I had a siberian husky named Blaze. Ahe was beautiful, black and white and looked exotic. I’m a tiny woman, only 5’3 and 90 lbs and Blaze was a big dog, but she was a baby. She would get jealous and come sit on my lap anytime somebody was near me, and when my kids tried to play with me, she would start to play with them, then sneak over to me and sit on my lap, knocking me down to where iIm sitting in the process. It was adorable!

From Becky: Because who doesn’t like a pooch in mardi gras beads?

“I used to have an adorable miniture Spitz  My daughter put some Mardi Gras beads on her one day  Later my daughter took them back then after my dog crawled under the dresser and refused to come out, my daughter had to climb under the dresser and put them back on her.  She always had to wear her beads, doggy t-shirt and her Dale Earnhart scarf.  That dog was SO spoiled but I loved her so much.”

From Carra: Who sent us her dog Louie with the following story,

This is my dog Louie. Last Christmas was the first time we had the space to put up a big Christmas tree, in which we learned two things: 

1 – Louie nearly tipped the tree (with decorations) over going after one of his toys, and 

2 – We couldn’t put presents under the tree until Christmas eve. 

Louie appeared on our back porch years ago, hungry and malnourished – a long way from this picture. He also became very spoiled; so spoiled that if you set a bag down on the floor, he’ll put his head in it. So when we started the put the presents under the tree, Louie came up not five minutes after and began poking at a few of the boxes. The worst things he’s chewed up over the years has been paper, so this must have looked like “fun times” for him. We ultimately stacked presents in the back corner on the other side of the tree.

Louie The Christmas Gift Investigator

From Maria: Who sent in Mr. Gizmo, the ultimate writing deterrent.

“As you can see my dogs rule the roost, every time I tried to go on my laptop Mr. Gizmo would lay down on top so I didn’t ignore him.”

Mr. Gizmo Guardian Of The Machine!