Scene: It’s 11pm, George is in the shower discovering that the words to Conchita Wurst’s “Rise Like Phoenix” mashes up PERFECTLY with Bon Jovi’s “Always.” 

George: (Racing out of the shower to find The Kraken.) I’ve just made a DISCOVERY, listen to this! “Annnndddd III Willl Allwayys… Rissee LikkeAPhoeeenixxx Allllwaaays…”
The Kraken: (Putting his book down very slowly) That’s great sweetie but have you ever considered how good you’d be at lip-syncing?
George: (Pauses in projecting pure musical genius into the living room) Hmmm but that involves putting the music on and only pretending to sing. 
The Kraken: Precisely. And listen through your earbuds pumpkin. Best for everyone. 
George: You’re only making fun of my voice because it’s all weird from my cold.
The Kraken: What did your cold ever do to you that you’d blame it for THAT?
George: (Turning the vocal volume up to a croaky 11) I’m goinnnnggg doooooooownnnn withhh a blazzze off gloooorryyyyyy…like a phoeniiiiix…