Scene: It’s Sunday arvo, George and The Kraken have just eaten all the scones in a picturesque little farm shop and are tootling home. The topic of conversation is what would each of us do if we had 20billion dollars to do anything with.

George: (Spotting a silver Aston Martin DB11 zooming ahead on windy picturesque Scottish mountain road.) Is seeing that car in this setting doing anything yummy to your insides or is it just me?

The Kraken: (Pauses in discussing the benefits of investing his billions in asteroid mining vs creating a rail gun or a space elevator) Yeah, it gives me indigestion and makes me think ‘what an idiot, where’s a pothole when you need one.’ Look at him! He’s doing thirty. In his expensive shiny car. Oh ah. Might as well be a Aston Martin box on top of a VW engine. Stupid waste of money.

George: (As a rogue ray of sunlight hits the Aston Martin in the distance giving the impression it’s God’s gift to human kind.) We are very, very different people.

The Kraken: So anyway, the reason I’d spend my billions to perfect asteroid mining is because if you get that right you can then create mass drivers. Then you can hold the world to ransom. (Drifts off into happy daydream with a half-smile on his face.)