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Ian Buchanan’s Very Big Secret

He’s Preparing To Reveal All…

A powerful London newspaper editor, Ian Buchanan has made an art out of demolishing adversaries in scathing columns read over tea and toast. But when he’s unjustly fired, he can’t defend himself without revealing a childhood secret that would destroy his reputation and make him a tabloid favorite.

Seeking solitude to plan his defense strategy, Ian travels to Hopeville, Texas. This strategy definitely doesn’t include his cabin’s bubbly, barefoot hostess, Sophie Grey, whose Jessica Rabbit dress, welcoming smile, and penchant for literally falling into his arms make for an all-too-tempting distraction…

Are There More Books? (Yes!)

Who Is this Evie Snow person?

A question we ask ourselves most days. Evie Snow is actually two married people who decided that writing books would be more fun than doing other things like adulting full-time, which seems to comprise of checking the weather forecast before going outside and investing in salad shares on the stock market. (You can tell we know nothing about the stock market, can’t you?)

Instead, we’re far more concerned with where the nearest caffeinated substance is stored, and how we’re going to get our latest book finished without throwing pillows at each other. (So many pillows to throw, so little time until the next book must be written!)