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Evie Snow

Evie Snow is the pen name for a globe-trotting writing team working towards their very own Happily Ever After:

Best-selling author Georgina (George) Penney does the actual writing and reads far too many books. In past lives, she got herself a communications degree, studied hypnotherapy and psychotherapy, and was well on the way to a contemporary history PhD when moving to Saudi Arabia re-introduced her to a teenage love of romance novels.

Her husband, Tony Johnson (AKA The Kraken) helps out with plot wrangling and is in charge of caffeine distribution. In previous lives Tony worked all over the world as a petroleum engineer. He found the oil industry to be far stranger than fiction.

Together, George and Tony have lived in a bunch of countries including Australia, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Brunei Darussalam and Scotland. In the past, they’ve stayed in a Yurt in the Scottish Highlands, scoured desert souks for souvenirs, swam in the Aegean sea, snoozed on beaches in Thailand and fraternized with Orangutans in the Bornean jungle. And wherever they go, they’re always on the lookout for wonderful local food and to have a chat with anyone who has a few free hours to spare.

When not writing warm and funny contemporary romance together, George and Tony can currently be found roaming random Australian country towns, continuing in their never-ending quest for the perfect scone.

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